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Andrew McCutchen Just Proposed to His Girlfriend On the Ellen Show

The NL MVP just took his game to another level.


I Have Absolutely No Idea What To Make of This Eagles Video, But I Think I Kinda Like It

You be the judge.


The Perfect (Sports-Related) Tribute to Nelson Mandela


Knowshown Moreno Crying to Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’


The Denver Broncos running back—who didn’t see much work in the grand scheme of things—cried the biggest tears you will ever see in your entire existence, during the National Anthem prior to the Chiefs-Broncos game on Sunday. 

“The emotion always gets to me,” he told Yahoo! Sports. “I am just thinking about everything in general through your whole life, just balled up into one. Yeah, it helps me. Sometimes I don’t even notice it, it just comes.”

Whatever the reason for the continuos stream of watery discharge, the video that captured the moment has now been set to the tune of “I Will Always Love You,” and it is the most perfect thing you will see on the interwebs today.


Les Miles Loves Thanksgiving

Bring on the feast.


NFL Fantasy Football Preview: Week 13

Week 13 is the final week in the regular season for the vast majority of fantasy football leagues out there. Join Marc, Max, Seth, and I, to get the inside edge on the Week 13 waiver wire and make the final push for that last playoff spot.


But Seriously, This Commercial Could Apply to the Entire Denver Broncos Team Last Night

Sad Peyton... (Photo credit: Denver Post)

Sad Peyton… (Photo credit: Denver Post)

For the Pats fans who undoubtedly left Foxboro around halftime last night, you clearly haven’t learned your lesson. The Pats completed an improbable comeback, down 24-0 at the half, by scoring on four straight drives to open the second half to take a 28-24 lead, then went to overtime, took the wind rather than the ball, and managed to come away with a 34-31 victory over Peyton Manning and the visiting Denver Broncos. What. A. Game. But seriously, this commercial was some serious foreshadowing and could’ve applied to the entire team last night.