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Real or Fake?: Jazz Mascot Gets Revenge on Rockets Fan

I’ve been through the before, trying to figure out if the stuff being shown on the video board at a sporting event is authentic or just some act put on to help a team get some attention in the media. Either way, it’s working, and it’s hilarious.

In this case, despite how real the kerfuffle between the Rockets fan and the cop trying to remove him seems, I’m hard pressed to believe that the whole incident is real. More facts are needed, for sure, but here’s why I think this is all a bunch of theatrics: If you look at the seats directly behind the two gentlemen sporting Houston gear when the Jazz Bear mascot (yea, I’m confused about that too) sprays string foam, they’re pretty full. Once you jump ahead to the bucket of water portion of the show—and this is where more information is needed, because I’m not sure how long it was after the initial skirmish that this went down—those seats are completely empty, which leads me to believe that those individuals were asked to move or face the consequences of an enraged mascot, seeking revenge, charging up the steps with a large bucket of water.

That’s just me, though. Let me know what you think down there in the comments.

Update: I may have found the evidence that I was once looking for and partly disproved my theory.

jazz bear mascot sign

Still fake IMO. Any mascot that gets the green light to make this sign, grab a bucket of water, fake out some ushers and a cop, and throw said bucket on two “spectators” is a mascot conducting some shady motha effin’ business.

ESPN Cancelled Ron Burgundy’s Guest Spot On SportsCenter For Some B.S. Reason

Ron Burgundy, who was scheduled to appear on the 6pm edition of SportsCenter with Champ Kind, had his appearance on ESPN’s flagship program cancelled because of “breaking news involving the Jameis Winston investigation.” The show announced the decision last night via Twitter:

ESPN made clear why the appearance was cancelled, but what I’d like to know is why this was cancelled. The “breaking news” ended up being that Winston will not be facing rape charges a year after a female student accused the Florida State quarterback of sexually assaulting her. The decision was announced by Willie Meggs, the state attorney for the Second Judicial Circuit, during a press conference at 2 p.m. this afternoon—four whole hours before Will Ferrell was to appear on SportsCenter as Burgundy.

The other thing I don’t understand is why this decision was made a whole day in advance. It’s as if ESPN was preparing (hoping?) for Winston to be charged, so they could cover the story, his arrest, his arraignment, and all that fun stuff over the next 72 hours, nonstop, in typical ESPN-fashion. Aaron Hernandez all over again.

Overreacting much?

Now with no charges being brought forth and this breaking news situation turning into a complete nonstory, ESPN just looks dumb. I’m sure they’ll find a way (they always do) to drag this thing through the mud for the rest of the night and well into tomorrow. Good luck getting people to stay tuned as you line up all of your legal experts to talk about a whole lot of nothing, and your college football experts to talk about how Winston still shouldn’t be considered for the Heisman after all of this. If you ask me, it would’ve been more entertaining had Ron Burgundy been hosting the show tonight with all of this going on, whether or not Winston was charged. Poo on you, ESPN.

But, hey, at least we got to see Burgundy get hit in the nuts on the Dan Patrick Show this morning.

Ron Burgundy Will Guest Host SportsCenter on December 5th

ron burgundy sportscenter

The cross promotion surrounding the upcoming release of Anchorman 2 has been absolutely incredible over the past few months. From Dodge commercials to late night TV appearances, and now to the World Wide Leader in Sports.

The Big Lead broke the story.

Will Ferrell will guest-host the 6 pm SportsCenter on Thursday, December 5th, two sources exclusively tell The Big Lead. The sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because the appearance has not been announced, also say that there will be some sort of Ron Burgundy element to telecast.

ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz declined comment.

Ferrell will be SportsCenter’s third celebrity guest-host in five weeks. Actor Ken Jeong and NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson both delivered bigratings, but Ferrell, an A-list actor who just so happens to have a movie coming out soon (Anchorman 2, December 20th!) is a significantly bigger star.

Set your DVRs, folks.

NBA Steps It Up For This Year’s Xmas-Day Jerseys Commercial

(Photo courtesy SI)

(Photo courtesy SI)

This has been out for a little over a week, but it was new to my eyes today. The NBA stepped up up for their now-annual Christmas Day uniforms commercial. You may recall last year’s commercial featuring Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Joe Johnson, Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade, bouncing basketballs to the tune of “Carol of the Bells.” This year, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, James Harden, and Steve Nash knocking down 3s and playing a little Jingle Bells. LeBron James makes a cameo at the very end as well.

Just as good, though, is the commentary underneath the video on YouTube debating whether this is real or not.

A sampling:

comments from youtubeIn all reality, who the hell cares whether it’s real or not. The commercial is sweet as hell. Enjoy.


Globetrotter Narrowly Avoids Having His Skull Crushed By A Falling Backboard

William "Bull" Bullard narrowly avoids a serious injury when his slam dunk stunt went awry.

William “Bull” Bullard avoided a serious injury when his slam dunk stunt went awry.

Harlem Globetrotter William “Bull” Bullard suffered a dislocated shoulder and had a cut above his left eye after a slam-dunk stunt went incredibly wrong. It could’ve been much worse, though, as Bullard’s head was just inches away from being crushed by a falling backboard.

The incident, which occurred during the Globetrotters’ game at the Nacional de Ingenieros Coliseum in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on Friday (here), was caught on video:

Bullard described the mishap to the New York Daily News.

“When I dunk, I put my feet on the backboard, put the ball through my legs and dunk it again, so that’s the motion I was going with,” he said. “By the time I realized that the rim was coming down, it was too late, and it crashed down on me.”

Bullard walked off the court under his own power with a towel to his face. After team docs bandaged the Texas A&M-Corpus Christi grad up and popped his shoulder back into place, he returned to the floor to give the crowd a thumbs up and sign a few autographs.

“My main thing was to get up … get cleaned up, come back out and wave to them and show them I was good,” Bullard said. “It was a nice crowd. … The injuries aren’t too major. That’s a blessing.”

Team officials told the paper that Bullard should be good to go by the time the Globetrotters return to the U.S. for their North American tour, which starts on December 26th.


ESPN’s Surprise-Returns Video Speaks for Itself This Veterans Day

Power Surge: What a Wild Week for the Sixers


I don’t know how many times it can be said, but the opening salvo for the Philadelphia 76ers was about as good as it could get for a team that was ranked dead last in nearly every preseason NBA poll, was given 9,999-1 odds of winning the NBA title this year by Vegas, and had an over/under win-loss total of 16. Or, if you were all in for the 0-82 method, things couldn’t have gone much worse.

They ran the gauntlet in their first three games (Miami, @ Washington, and Chicago) and managed to come out 3-0 on the other side of all of that, largely due to the incredible performances by a rookie point guard, a former number-two overall pick, and a big man that was widely criticized for playing too soft last year.

No matter what happens the rest of the year (which will likely involve a lot of losses—like the one their in line for tonight against Iggy and the visiting Warriors—and a fair amount of tiny ping pong balls in the Wiggins lottery) the Sixers will always have the first week of the 2013-14 season to look back on and cherish. You know you’ve done something special when you’ve literally flipped the tables on just about every NBA power ranking that exists in the sports world. For real though:

Yahoo! Sports

yahoo sports


Sports Illustrated

sports illustrated

CBS Sports

cbs sports

Pro Basketball Talk

pro basketball talk

And then there’s ESPN, who’s always had a vendetta against Philly and just likes to be the different kid in school, pouring ice down your pants:


Top 10? I’ll take it, I guess.

The awards didn’t end there, though.

Michael Carter-Williams, the rookie point guard out of Syracuse, was named the Eastern Conference player of the week for the first week of the season, in his first week of professional basketball competition. The last (and only) time that a rook accomplished this feat was during the 1992-93 season when a young kid named Shaquille O’Neal did it for Orlando. MCW, the 11th overall pick in June, averaged 21 points, nine assists, five rebounds and over four steals per game over the first three games. His 22 points were the most by a Sixers rookie in their debut since Iverson put up 30 against the Milwaukee Bucks in 1996, and he was the first rookie since Maurice Cheeks in the 1978-79 season to post a double-double in his debut—the kid was a steal away from a triple double, and could’ve conceivably posted a quadruple double.

The future is so incredibly bright for this team.