Real or Fake?: Jazz Mascot Gets Revenge on Rockets Fan

I’ve been through the before, trying to figure out if the stuff being shown on the video board at a sporting event is authentic or just some act put on to help a team get some attention in the media. Either way, it’s working, and it’s hilarious.

In this case, despite how real the kerfuffle between the Rockets fan and the cop trying to remove him seems, I’m hard pressed to believe that the whole incident is real. More facts are needed, for sure, but here’s why I think this is all a bunch of theatrics: If you look at the seats directly behind the two gentlemen sporting Houston gear when the Jazz Bear mascot (yea, I’m confused about that too) sprays string foam, they’re pretty full. Once you jump ahead to the bucket of water portion of the show—and this is where more information is needed, because I’m not sure how long it was after the initial skirmish that this went down—those seats are completely empty, which leads me to believe that those individuals were asked to move or face the consequences of an enraged mascot, seeking revenge, charging up the steps with a large bucket of water.

That’s just me, though. Let me know what you think down there in the comments.

Update: I may have found the evidence that I was once looking for and partly disproved my theory.

jazz bear mascot sign

Still fake IMO. Any mascot that gets the green light to make this sign, grab a bucket of water, fake out some ushers and a cop, and throw said bucket on two “spectators” is a mascot conducting some shady motha effin’ business.

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