This Is What Happens When Your Career As An NFL Head Coach Doesn’t Pan Out

brad childress chiefsYou become a Spread Game Analyst/Special Projects Coach.

Brad Childress, who went 39-35 and had two playoff appearances and one playoff win in 4.5 years in Minnesota—not terrible numbers by any means, but unacceptable for a team that possessed the level of talent that they did, and was compounded by the fact that they followed up a 12-4 season by starting 3-7 which led to Childress’s firing—has had quite the fall from grace since being relieved of his duties in Minnesota.

After a year off, Childress was brought in to the Cleveland Browns where he went back to being an offensive coordinator (a position he held in Philadelphia for 3 years), but was let go after just one year.

I can imagine the only reason Andy Reid decided to reunite with his former subordinate because he felt incredibly bad for Childress an wanted to do just enough to make him happy but give him a role just pathetic enough that he doesn’t actually have any impact on the team’s performance on Sunday.

His “special project” this week leading up to the Chiefs-Broncos game? Game plan for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie… Musta been sooooo difficult…

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