How Does Nick Foles’ Encore to the 7-TD Game Stack Up?

This guy has 16 TDs and no picks in 5 games this season (knock on wood).

This guy has 16 TDs and no picks in 5 games this season (knock on wood).

A week removed from a perfect passer rating, 7 TD performance against the Oakland Raiders, Nick Foles delivered another gem at historic Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers, en route to a 27-13 win. Foles went 12-for-18 for 228 yards with 3 TDs and 0 INTs, good for a 149.3 passer rating. So how does that post-7 performance stack up against the other six quarterbacks who found themselves in a similar situation?

How about the best out of the bunch. How’s that sound?

Here’s how the seven men stack up.

7. Joe Kapp—A week after gashing the Baltimore Colts for 7 TDs and 449 yards (for a 129.7 QB rating) to open the 1969 season, the Vikings ball-slinging QB was completely shut out by the Green Bay Packers. He went 7-for-21 for 100 yards with no TDs and no picks.

6. Sid Luckman—Luckman ripped apart the New York Giants in his 7 TD game to help the Bears improve to 7-0-1 on the 1943 season. It was a completely different story against a different NFC East foe just a week later. The Redskins help Luckman to just 9-of-24 for 145 with 1 late TD and 4 INTs. The Bears suffered their first loss of the season that week, but got revenge a month later when they knocked the Skins off in the NFL Championship Game—Luckman went for 5 TDs and no picks in that contest.

5. George Blanda—One week removed from connecting with his receivers seven times in the endzone against the New York Titans, Blanda struggled to find a similar rhythm against the Denver Broncos. Blanda went 15-of-28 for 209 with 1 TD and 3 INTs. Houston overcame their QBs 50.1 passer rating—his third lowest of the season—to win 45-14. The Oilers went on to win the 1961 AFL Championship a few weeks later.

4. Adrian Burk—The Eagles QB lifted the Birds to 4-0 in 1954 after a 7TD performance against the Skins in what was a high-scoring affair. It was the exact opposite the following week against a Steelers’ defense that held Burk to just 18-of-34 for 206 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs. Philly lost the game 17-7.

3. Y.A. Tittle—After his 7 TD performance against the Skins in 1962, Tittle still had a feel for the TD toss a week later against the Rams. Nearly half of his completed passes went for scores. Only problem? he only had 8 completions. The Giant QB went 8-for-31 for 172 yards with 3 TDs and 1 INT and had a 69.0 QB rating. His 3 TDs are the only reason he comes in at number 3.

2. Peyton Manning—This should’ve come as no surprise, knowing what we know about Peyton Manning. In the follow up to his demolishing of the Baltimore Ravens on opening night of the 2013 campaign, Manning went out picked apart the New York Giants secondary and outclassed his younger brother, Eli. Peyton went 30-for-43 for 307 yards and 2 TDs with no picks, good enough for a 105.5 passer rating. The TD total was down a bit, tied for his lowest total on the season, but 69.7% completion percentage is among the highest on the season for him. Remarkably, the 307 yards is his second lowest total on the year.

1. Nick Foles—He didn’t throw much, but when he did, Foles was on target against the Packers. He was especially accurate on the deep ball—all three of his TDs went for 30+ yards. His 149.3 passer rating was the best of the bunch, and just a few completions/attempts shy of a perfect 158.3 (which would’ve been his second perfect score in a row). I’m obviously knocking on wood the entire time that I work on this post, but Foles has clearly shown tremendous improvement since he was given a chance to earn the starting job at the end of the Reid era last season.

Here’s to Foles keeping the train rolling.

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