Respectful or Snobbish? Red Sox Take Out Full-Page Ad in St. Louis Newspaper

This is making its rounds on the interwebs today, and is generating lots of discussion. After dispatching of the St. Louis Cardinals in 6 games in the 2013 World Series, the Boston Red Sox took out a full-page ad in Tuesday’s  St. Louis Dispatch, thanking fans for their hospitality during games 3 through 5. Here’s the ad (image via CBS Sports via Deadspin via someone who had a .pdf of the ad presumably from the newspaper):

red sox st louis ad

It seems well intended, but we all have our own (fairly similar) thoughts on what Boston sports fans are really like, so I think this ought to be taken with a grain of salt.

It’s one thing for one team to thank a city during, say, the regular season after a tragedy—which several Boston teams did when they traveled for games after the Boston Marathon bombings last spring. It’s a whole other thing to reach out to a fanbase who you just snatched the rug out from under. This, to me, is like pouring salt in an already gaping wound, barely a week after you soundly beat them in Game 6.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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