Don’t Lie. You’re Thrilled Aaron Rodgers Is Probably Out for Three Weeks. (I Am.)

AaronRodgers injury

Aaron Rodgers is expected to miss 3 weeks after suffering a broken collarbone in the Packers’ Week 9 loss to the Chicago Bears

Pardon me for a second while I succumb to my primal instinct as a sports fan who was born and raised in the “City of Brotherly Love.”

What happened to Aaron Rodgers on the Packers’ first drive on Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears wasn’t anything I’d wish on my worst enemy. But the minute he went down—and you knew right away that he was in a world of hurt—I couldn’t help but get a little giddy deep down knowing that the Eagles will be the first team in line to face the Rodgers-less Packers who will be searching for a temporary fix at the quarterback position this week. (It’s truly incredible and it never ceases to amaze me just how much thing can change in this league from week to week.) Giants and Vikings fans were thinking the same thing, and they can’t even begin to deny it.

From the worldwide leader:

Aaron Rodgers could miss three weeks after initial tests showed a small fracture in the Green Bay Packers quarterback’s collarbone, league sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

The Packers do not want to make any determination until Rodgers undergoes further testing Tuesday, according to sources. …

Packers team physician Pat McKenzie spent several minutes examining Rodgers on the bench before taking him to the locker room for further examination.

Although the swelling in Rodgers’ shoulder was too significant to determine the extent of the injury Monday night, a source told ESPN NFL Insider Ed Werder that “it doesn’t look good.”

Don’t get me wrong, that sucks for Rodgers. You never want to see a guy go down (unless your name is Brandon Merriweather). But everyone is bound to take their fair share of bumps and broken collarbones, and he just happened to get his at the most opportune time for the Eagles.

Whoever the Packers are able to drag off the street and put under center, things are certainly looking a hell of a lot better than they would have for the Eagles with Rodgers under center. Of course I’d rather be able to say that we were able to top the Packers with their best guys out there, but at this point in the season, in the god-awful NFC East where wins are ridiculously hard to come by these days, I’ll gladly celebrate the fact that the former MVP won’t be available to shred the Birds’ secondary.

So what are their prospects for Sunday?

Seneca Wallace, who is the only other active quarterback on Green Bay’s roster, replaced Rodgers on the team’s second series, a drive that ended in an interception. Wallace finished the game 11 of 19 for 114 yard, no TDs and that one INT—serviceable, but GB is still in a position where they’ll need to go out and find someone to start next week’s game (sources are pointing to Matt Flynn) or at least serve as a backup to Wallace (still probably Flynn).

For his career, all 10 years of it, Wallace has a 6-15 record as a starter. He hasn’t won a game since October 3, 2010, when he was starting for the Cleveland Browns.

Flynn, on the other hand, has been in a miserable free fall since an incredible 6 TD 400+ yard performance in a throwaway, end-of-the-season game against the Lions a few years back, starting in place of a healthy, resting Rodgers. Flynn signed with Seattle the following offseason only to lose the starting job to a rookie named Russell Wilson. He landed in Oakland this year where he appeared in just two games, did next to nothing, and was eventually cut. The Buffalo Bills signed him thereafter, and cut him this week after just three weeks in upstate New York.

Meanwhile, Nick Foles threw for 7 TDs on Sunday.

Carry on.

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