Will the Real Nick Foles Please Stand Up?

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Can someone please explain to me who the hell this Nick Foles character is? I just don’t get it. He goes from the guy who replaced Mike Vick at the end of 2012, then proceeded to lose the quarterback competition to Vick this summer after Chip Kelly came in and said such a competition existed, then replaced an injured Vick and looked phenomenal for a game and a half, and then crumbled in a huge game against the Cowboys, only to return two weeks later and tie an NFL record for touchdown passes in a single game.

This is a guy that I’ve ripped apart in the last few Fantasy Football Previews, a guy that I cut for a kicker after he went down with a concussion—hell, a guy that could turn into incredible trade bait once the season’s over, or be the man of the future.

I just don’t know.

Whatever he ends up being, here’s a look at his fantasy statistics in games that he’s played in from start to finish:

foles complete gamesBoth games came on the road, both against teams that the Eagles, conceivably,  should’ve been locks to beat anyway, and both saw Foles go off. He’s gone for 702 yards, 10 TDs, 0 INTs, and 81 fantasy points (at least per the scoring in the league I’m in). WTMotherF?

Add another 336 yards and 1 TD, and you have Foles’ season totals. Incredible numbers all things considered, but where does this leave the Eagles?

Clearly I’m pulling a 180 on everything I said a few weeks ago about sticking with Vick as the starter. Coming into the season, my thoughts were go with the veteran until he’s unable to walk off the field under his own power—we’re practically there. The hammy isn’t doing so well, and at his age it’s not something that’s going to go away very quickly. The job is Foles’ now. But I need to see a whole lot more before I’m comfortable handing the keys to the offense over to him for good (i.e. beyond this season).

In the last two years, the games in which he looked impressive and led the Eagles to victory came against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (twice) and the Oakland Raiders. That’s not saying a whole lot. Let’s see how he does against the Packers next week, at Lambeau, and then let him find a way to break that unbearable home losing streak. The only way I think he retains a spot on this roster is if he’s able to win out and/or get this team into the playoffs (yes, playoffs). Even then, though, maybe that just elevates his trade stock.

Whatever the end result for Foles is, hopefully the path there involves a few more performances like the one we saw on Sunday.

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