Can This Please Be Rock Bottom?

Ray Emry beats down a hapless Holtby.

Ray Emry beats down a hapless Holtby.

It sucks to be a Philadelphia fan right now.

Between the Eagles, who came out of the gate looking great, completely falling off track, the Phillies just being the Phillies, the Flyers being plain embarrassing, and the Sixers not understanding the concept of tanking (though, from the looks of it, the future really is bright and I’m excited about that), there’s absolutely nothing to be proud of right now. And it sucks.

Case in point: Last night, the only thing that got people excited at the Wells Fargo Center during the Caps-Flyers game was this line brawl a few minutes into the third period, at which point the Orange and Black were trailing 7-0.

Embarrassing. The radio call is just as pathetic.

Is it nice to finally see some passion and emotion coming from the Flyers? Sure, but it’s sickening to watch a team so stuck in the past that they think winning a large-scale brawl is just as important, if not more so, than winning the actual game. And the way Ray Emry absolutely lit up Braden Holtby—don’t get me wrong, any goalie fight is a fight for the ages, but that was more of a mugging than anything else. Congratulations, jackass. You beat the shit out of a guy that wasn’t even looking to fight. And the fact that he was named third star of the game—clearly for the fight, because four goals on 15 shots is far from noteworthy—ought to be considered a giant slap in each fan’s face from big daddy Ed Snyder.

Broad Street Bullies, baby.

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