Good Morning. Hope You Slept Well. And, No, You Weren’t Dreaming. The Sixers Beat the Miami Heat Last Night.

Google even says so.

Sixers Heat season openerI said it last night, but it’s worth saying again. I don’t care what the next 81 games have in store—that opening night win over the defending NBA champs, with guys like AI, Barkley, Erving, Malone, Doug Collins, and Bobby Jones in the stands, made the season worth it.

Being an admittedly bigger Cuse basketball fan than Sixers fan, I was excited to see what Michael Carter-Williams would bring to the table in Philly, and eventually adding Nerlens Noel to the roster, (and the possibility of drafting Wiggins or any of the other franchise changing players in next year’s draft) you had to believe that the future would be bright for Philly basketball. But they burst onto the scene last night in impressive fashion.

No one’s going to (or should) get in over their heads with excitement over one win on opening night, it’s a long-ass season, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relish the moment. That was an incredible win,  and a quick glance into what the next few years could look like.


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