So, What Are People in St. Louis Doing Tonight?

I can tell you what most of them aren’t doing. Watching, or attending for that matter, their Rams’ Monday Night Football game against NFC West-leading rival Seattle.

A team starting Kellen Clemmens + A team with Brady Quinn as Kellen Clemmens’ backup + A team that has completely failed to live up to any kind of expectations / The fact that St. Louis is also playing host to Game 5 of the World Series tonight = A half empty (or full, for you optimists) Edward Jones Dome.

If Skretta’s estimate is even close to accurate, that would mean the dome is actually barely one-third full.

Here’s an even better(?) view of just how empty it is in there.

To be honest, I’m not sure why it isn’t even less empty. There’s a World Series game taking place, for Christ’s sake. If you couldn’t get into Busch Stadium tonight, then you ought to be out socializing at one of the local watering holes with other fans in your boat, commiserating about how the Cards need to win this one in order to go back to Boston only having to win one of the next two rather than being in an impossible situation, needing to win both games back in Beantown.

Just sayin’.

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