So, How Bad is the NFC East?

It’s no secret that the NFC East is pretty awful this year. It’s easily the worst division in football. But just how bad is it? Well, take away the seven divisional games that have been played, and here’s what you have left:

Philadelphia Eagles

Philly non division

New York Giants

NYG non division

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas non division

Washington Redskins

Wash non division

If you’re having some trouble analyzing those images above, let me spell it out for you. It’s not pretty. At all. To save you the time of adding all of that up, here’s what’s happening up there. The NFC East is 5-14 against non-divisional opponents, by far the worst record in the NFL, and that includes 1-9 versus the AFC West—after today’s Denver-Washington tilt, the Broncos have swept the NFC East, and the Chiefs are one more game away from doing the same.

This isn’t your prepubescent-self’s NFC East, people. These teams all suck, plain and simple. No one’s over .500, yet all four teams are only separated by two games. It’s pretty pathetic that one of these teams is going to make the playoffs.

I hate football.

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