This GIF of a Meltdown on the Cowboys Sideline Will Make Your Day Better

The Eagles continued to suck today, getting shut out on offense for the second game in a row. But! The Dallas Cowboys’ defense completely collapsed with less than a minute left against the Detroit Lions this afternoon, giving up 329 (three hundred and twenty nine, 3-2-9—no matter how you dice it up, it’s ridiculous) receiving yards to Calvin Johnson, and allowing the Lions to drive 80 yards in 6 play in a whopping 50 seconds.

The last-minute debacle, capped by a Matthew Stafford fake-spike-quarterback-sneak-for-the-game-winning-touchdown-dive, led to this incredible meltdown on the sidelines.

bryant witten wareThe Eagles are just one game out of first, people! No matter how bad it looks (or what terrible things I say on social media), we’ve gotta keep the faith!

(GIF via @BuzzFeedSports)

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