Tampa Bay’s Cannon Nearly Caused Some Heart Attacks Last Night

tampa bay cannon mariuci

Someone looks like they may need a new pair of pants…

The Bucs suck. (An early aside: the odd part about writing that sentence is that I’m no longer referring to the baseball team that plays in Pittsburgh as well as the “football team” that plays in Florida. No. Now it’s just the football team that blows balls and is already displaying billboards calling for Greg Schiano’s head while former players are comparing the sophomore head coach to Fidel Castro…)

But anyway.

It would be nice to see a bit more of them on primetime, if, for anything, it produces more incredible instances where players and TV anchors have the bajeezus scared out of them by the blaring cannons of Raymond James Stadium. They go off so infrequently—when the Buccaneers score—that this is type of thing is bound to occur (and be caught on camera) at least twice a game.

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