So, What Did Everyone Think Of the Bob Costas Halftime Segment?

Bob Costas’s Sunday Night Football soap box segment has seen its fair share of blow back from the public—most notably when he went off of the gun control issue just a few days after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Well, he definitely struck another chord on Sunday when he offered his take on the Washington Redskins name change debate.

I’m not going to offer my opinion on the issue of the moniker that Washington’s football team employs (I’ve already done plenty of that), but a quick search of “Bob Costas” on Twitter will give you a good idea of where people stand on the issue—and what they think about Costas. Here’s a sampling of the hate that was spewed at NBC and Costas by the same people who would argue that Daniel Snyder is honoring America and those people who lived here before our ancestors by continuing to call Washington’s team a racist slur (sorry, I know I said I wouldn’t say anything, but I couldn’t help it).

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