For the Pats Fans Who Left Foxboro Early, Here’s What You Missed

It’s going to be incredibly easy to troll New England Patriots fans this week, and they deserve every last bit of it. That’s because roughly 34,000 of the Pats faithful pulled a Miami Heat fan kind of stunt and bolted before the clock struck :00. A lot of them are probably going to throw the excuse around that they were trying to beat the traffic and make it to some ALCS Game 2 party that they weren’t actually invited to, but you shouldn’t buy that B.S. for one second.

Here’s why they left and what they missed (hint on that second item: one of the most exciting finishes in the first six weeks of the 2013 NFL season):

NE NO win prob

Not quite to scale, that big swing in the momentum came with 3:29 left in the game, when Drew Brees connected with rookie receiver Kenny Stills on a 34-yard TD pass (on 3rd and 20) to put the Saints up 24-23. Just over a minute later, after a Pats turnover on downs, the Saints tacked on a field goal. At that point the upper levels of Gillette, and a good portion of the lower level seats, began emptying out.

Then Brady went ahead and did this:

Pats GW drive(Click to enlarge)

With just 1:13 left on the clock, and after two miserable drives—the four-and-out followed by the INT—Tom Brady pulled a Tom Brady. He took the Pats 70 yards in 8 plays for the game winning score. And half the stadium wasn’t there to see it.

Way to go, Pats fans. At least you weren’t trying to run back into the stadium?

Here’s a sampling of the early trolling efforts (leave yours in the comments):

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