So, What’s the Verdict on Nike’s NFL Pro Bowl Unis?

NFL: Pro BowlBlue and White, and Red and White. That’s how it’s been pretty much since the pro bowl was conceived in 1951. There have been countless variations, but the colors have long remained the same.

But as soon as you insert Nike into a uniform conversation, you can throw convention right out the window, and that’s exactly what the NFL did recently. On Tuesday, the league unveiled Nike’s design for the 2014 Pro Bowl jerseys, and conventional they are not.

The best way to describe them is just to say that they are very, um, Nike. The second best way to describe them might be by saying Nike essentially plucked the uniform designs they put together for college programs in the state of Oregon and translated them to the pro game.

Exhibit A: University of Oregon and Oregon State University football uniforms:

oregon jerseysExhibit B: 2014 NFC and AFC Pro Bowl uniforms, designed by Nike:

nike pro bowl jerseys(No joke, that’s them.)

Here’s a closer look of each kit individually for your viewing pleasure—click to enlarge.


nfc pro bowl orig


afc pro bowl orig

Carbon copies, down to the neon yellow/green and orange. Part of me wishes they would just go ahead and make Pro Bowl helmets (matte of course), because the normal ones make the uniforms look more ridiculous than they already are.

Don’t take that the wrong way, though. Ridiculous, yes. Ridiculously awesome. They’re so so so different that they make one hell of a statement. When people think about the incredibly different college uniforms out there, one of the first teams that comes to mind is the Oregon Ducks’ (Boise St. is a very close second), so why not bring those unique designs to the NFL? The style of play that Chip Kelly brought to that program is making it’s way into the league, it’s only fitting that those uniforms make the jump to the pro level as well.

What do you guys and gals think of these?

3 responses to “So, What’s the Verdict on Nike’s NFL Pro Bowl Unis?

  1. Love it and hate it. They’re definitely an awesome design, but all I’m going to be able to think about when I look at them is the Oregon Ducks! Haha. Interesting article.

  2. Bland, just like the Pro Bowl. Opinionated? Yes.

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