Wife of Reds Pitcher Attacked During Wild Card Game

I know how this is going to come across: A Phillies fan who’s upset at his team’s total suckiness who’s trying to taint what was an incredible night for the city of Pittsburgh last night after they dominated the Cincinnati Reds en route to their first playoff win in over 20 years.

It may seem that way, but believe me, I’m not trying to take anything away from what the Pittsburgh Pirates or the overwhelming majority of people in attendance did last night (they made October baseball a real, legitimate thing in the Steel City once again). What I am doing is continuing the conversation in which the national media continues to paint Philadelphia fans as the worst in sports (see this “fan venn diagram“) while breezing over other incidents that happen throughout the country (see this vicious glass-bottle attack outside of the Chargers stadium, this fight in the stands at Candlestick Park with people falling over seats, and this stabbing of a Dodgers fan in San Fran who later died—both incidents occurred in the last week or two).

So, yeah, I’m gonna bring attention to the fact that Dallas Latos, the wife of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mat Latos was, apparently, seriously roughed up at PNC Park last night, and the security guards did a whole lot of nothing.

In her own words:

No matter where it happens, this kind of shit is incredibly stupid. People go to these things to enjoy the atmosphere, root on their team, and have a good time. Anyone that feels the need to get all liquored up and pick a fight at a sporting event is obviously someone who has their own personal issues that need to be worked out, but please, for the love of God, leave the rest of us alone. We’re talking about sports, people. Sit back and watch the game instead of wasting your time picking glass shards out of your head while sitting in a jail cell overnight.

Oh, and back to the original point. Philly may have its fair share of ignorant assholes in the stands, but so does Pittsburgh, so does San Francisco, and so does every ballpark and stadium throughout the country. So get off our asses.

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