Government Shutdown: Please, God, Not the Kids!

Sports are holy ground for many. But that doesn’t make them immune from the unholy, dysfunctional mess that is the U.S. Government.

When Congress failed to act and pass a budget continuing resolution to keep the government running, Washington was forced to shut its doors. National parks, monuments, museums, the whole kit and kaboodle. And for those who thought sports would be a place where they could turn their attention to forget about the giant steaming pile of feces on top of the Hill, well, think again.

The Defense Department announced on Tuesday that it has suspended travel for the intercollegiate athletic competitions (i.e. college sports programs) at the nation’s service academies (i.e. Army, Navy, and Air Force) for the duration of the government shutdown—however long that may last, no one really knows.

While the gravity of cancelling a few sporting events pales in comparison to the some 800,000 federal workers who are being furloughed, the message that this sends to the student-athletes is not so different. (I’m not going to turn this into a political blog, so I’ll let you determine that message for yourself.)

With the college football season in full swing, this obviously has an immediate impact on several games that were scheduled months ago. The first is the Navy-Air Force game that was scheduled for this weekend in Annapolis, Maryland. The game was to be the first of the season that goes toward the academies’ quest for the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy, and was sold out well in advance.

A statement on Navy’s athletics site reads: “The Naval Academy will cancel contests as appropriate and notification on Saturday’s football game against Air Force will be made public prior to 12 noon on Thursday. Tonight’s soccer game against Howard has been cancelled. It is not known at this time if the game will be made up or not.”

Also impacted is the Army-Boston College game scheduled for this weekend. No decision has been made there either, and in a statement to ESPN, BC athletic director Brad Bates said the schools are exploring every possible avenue to avoid a cancellation. “We have been in close communication with Army athletics officials regarding the potential impact of the government shutdown on this Saturday’s football game. Obviously our intention is to exhaust all possibilities to play the game and we will communicate the information promptly as soon as we have resolution.”

Also, according to ESPN, the Air Force Academy said it would try to play all of its home games,  but that it was working with the Mountain West Conference officials and other schools to reschedule games that were away from the school. Meanwhile, the Defense Department has said that no games will be played while the government is shut down.

A complete and total disgrace.

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