A Reader Complained About My Response to 49ers Fans Complaining About the Noise in Seattle

I wrote not long about about a few San Francisco 49ers fans who complained to their local paper about the noise level in Seattle (for which the 12th Man in Seattle set a new Guinness World Record, PS). Turns out, said 49ers fans weren’t finished complaining. Some troll who chose the cute pen name “play for real” took to the comments on that post to voice his displeasure with my analysis:

Why “don’t we be as noisy as shit and go support our team?”
I personally will not embarrass my team by acting that way.It is truly out of control,unsportsman like and not the way I grew going to a football game. Sadly for the Seattle Seahawks,after years of finally earning the title of a reputable team,it is clear that the obnoxious noise from the “twelve man” is only going to take away from all of the progress they have made as a team. I truly do feel bad for the team. It does appear that is what is needed in order for Seattle to win a game. I am all for screaming and supporting your team..but this is way, way ,way past the point. I guess all the rain has finally fogged your common sense. Definitely not a family affair in Seattle…what a shame.Leave the adolescents at home and spare them the agaony… As I promised my daughter~,someday I will take you back East so you can watch a real football game.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but let me offer this rebuttal:

Dear, play for real,

Embarrassed? It’s not like you’re at a golf major where the most emotion anyone shows is a light clap or a softly whispered “Aw shucks.” You’re at a football game, watching a sport that’s inherently violent—that’s not to say that you ought to be violent and do something stupid, but it’s every fan’s right (and duty if you ask me) to show some emotion.

As for the Seahawks, I’m not sure which NFL you’ve been watching, but I think they’d still be doing pretty well without the 12th Man. They’re marching the league’s best defense out there on a weekly basis, holding teams (including the 49ers, who I’m guessing you root for?) to less than 10 pts a game, and have forced double digit turnovers just 3 games into the season. And don’t forget about the offense which ranks 4th in pts per game (28.7), 10th in yards per play (5.8) and 2nd in turnover margin (+6). I don’t know of any data anywhere that’ll prove just how much the noise factor plays into those numbers, but I’m guessing it’s not a whole lot (and if it does, then hell good for the fans for making a difference).

And about showing your daughter a “real football game” back east—I’m not sure where exactly you’d take her, but you may want to avoid places like Philly, New York (when the Giants are in town), New England, Atlanta, and maybe even Miami this year, because I’d put money on the fact that those stadiums might not be as loud, but they can be just as rowdy, maybe even moreso than CenturyLink Stadium. I guess that leaves Carolina? (I’ll just assume that you wouldn’t even consider going to Jacksonville.) Have fun there…



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