Rashad Johnson’s Interview Brought Me This Close To Passing Out

Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson has been in exceptionally high spirits since losing the tip of his left middle finger in last week’s game against the New Orleans Saints. (Just typing that last part out makes the sphincter clench just a little.) He’s even been having fun with the injury, Picstitching (pun not really intended, but I’ll take it) some photos of the aftermath, and supporting the team’s idea for an upcoming promotion:

That’s all great for him, and I’m glad he’s going to be able to continue his football career and all that, but holy shit did he make me almost pass out talking about the incident on the Dan Patrick Show. (If you don’t do well with these kinds of things, I beg you to please just click away before going any further.)


Last chance…


OK, now, for those still with me…

Johnson talked about the initial pain of the injury setting in, about the options given to him by the doc to either shave the bone down past the nail or let it be and risk an infection, and about where the fate of the missing fingertip.

Horrible, gruesome stuff. I’m gonna go throw up while you watch this.


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