Week 3 Had A Crazy Amount of Back-and-Forth Games

There’s nothing better (or worse, for a football fan’s blood pressure and overall health) than a roller coaster game. Edge of your seat action is what makes sports incredibly entertaining to watch.

Week 3 in the NFL was filled with back-and-forth matchups.

Green Bay Packers @ Cincinnati Bengals

After falling behind 30-14 late in the 3rd, the Bengals staged quite the comeback that was capped off by a game-winning double-fumble recovery that was returned for a touchdown.

GNB - CINThat huge spike you see is the double-fumble described thusly on Pro-Football-Reference: “Johnathan Franklin right guard for no gain (tackle by Michael Johnson). Reggie Nelson fumbles (forced by Andrew Quarless), recovered by Terence Newman at CIN-42 and returned for 58 yards (tackle by Andrew Quarless), touchdown.” Cincy won 34-30.

Detroit Lions @ Washington Redskins

These two teams traded scores all afternoon in a really entertaining showdown in the nation’s capital. The Lions were able to pull away just enough, though, when Matthew Stafford connected with Calvin Johnson late in the 4th to put the Lions up 10. Lions won 27-20.


Cleveland Browns @ Minnesota Vikings

For a game involving two teams that aren’t expected to do much of anything, this was one of the more exciting games of the day. Fourth-year pro Brian Hoyer got his first start for the injured Brandon Weeden and was extremely impressive, leading the Browns on a game-winning, 11 play, 55 yard TD drive with just over three minutes left in the game.

CLE - MINEach of the passes Hoyer completed on the drive helped tilt the momentum back in Cleveland’s favor. Big win on the road for them. Browns won 31-27.

Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins

Another game that saw a great comeback with a touchdown in the final seconds to seal it. Miami, who is starting to get my attention, fell behind by 10 twice in this one, but showed some resiliency.

ATL - MIAA missed field goal by Matt Bryant teed off Miami’s surge late in the game. Ryan Tannehill led the Dolphins on a 13 play, 75 yard scoring drive that killed the final four minutes of the game. Dolphins won 27-23.

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

If someone told me that one team “in New York” was 2-1 and the other was 0-3, I’d believe you, but I would never have guessed it be the way it actually is. The Jets controlled the better part of this game, but allowed the Bills to get back into it late. Their near-record-setting penalties (20, while the record is 22 for a single game) played a big part in that.

NYJ - BUFA beautiful 69-yard TD pass from Geno Smith to Santonio Holmes down the right sideline put the Jets ahead for good, though. Jets won 27-20.

For all of the roller coaster-like action, there were a few clunkers as well. Namely…

New York Giants @ Carolina Panters

Neither team was really able to get control of the game early, but a total lack of offense, turnovers, and a missed field goal did the G-Men in… Completely. They put up no points and only gained 150 yards against a defense that is far from special, giving up over 400 yards per game.

NYG - CARThis game was plenty over by halftime. Panthers DOMINATED 38-0.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Seattle Seahawks

Then there’s this game. According to the win probability, Jacksonville was just as well off if they stayed at home.

SEA - JAXLaughable, that Jags team. Seahawks won 45-17.

Here’s to Week 4 being just as entertaining.

(Screenshots via Pro-Football-Reference.com)






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