Karma Bites Brandon Meriweather in the Ass

Brandon Meriweather—the former Chicago Bears and New England Patriots safety—returned to the field for the first time since November for the Washington Redskins as they took on the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

Meriweather, a noted cheap shot artist, showed that even though he’s only played in one game in his two seasons since coming to Washington, not much has changed. In his first tackle of the day, Meriweather lined up and went helmet-to-helmet with Packers running back Eddie Lacy, knocking the rookie out of the game came with a concussion.

meriweather hits lacy

Meriweather (who was absolutely aware that the hit would draw the attention of the league) decided he wanted to make it his job to try and take out the every Packer skill-position player. Only, on his second attempt to knock someone out, the ‘Skins safety failed miserably and ended up knocking himself out.

meriweather hits starks

Meriweather went in high on James Starks and made helmet-to-helmet contact with him, but Meriweather took the brunt of the hit and ended up leaving the game with a concussion of his own. The Big Lead has some great GIFs of the two hits.

Back to the sidelines for Merriweather… Once a dirty hitter, always a dirty hitter I guess.

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