I’ve Watched This Brotherly Love Video About 1,000 Times

And I’ll watch it 1,000 more before 6:55pm rolls around on Monday.

As if football fans aren’t already juiced (not of the illegal variety) enough for the season to officially officially get under way—cause that Thursday night Kickoff Game is nothing but a big fat f***ing tease—the Eagles are trying to push us over the edge.

With the launch of their new social media site ( last week, the team unleashed into the ethers that heart-pounding, testosterone-filled, erection-inducing video to tide us over until Monday night.

It’s no exaggeration that I’ve hit play on that thing close to 1,000 times, and it somehow finds a way to keep getting better. I can just feel the rage inside me building, waiting to burst out on Monday night when the Birds march into D.C. to open up the 2013 campaign. Here’s hoping that I get to put it to use in a positive way, rather than being forced to smash a few TVs and windows as a result of a complete meltdown no more than 10 minutes into a pathetic debut for “Big Balls” Chip.


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