Kevin Kolb’s Career Might Be Finished

Let me clarify that head, because it may be a bit misleading to the 97 percent of the readers who are under the impression that Kevin Kolb’s career was already over: Kolb, currently a member of the Buffalo Bills roster, suffered a concussion—the third of his (still existent) NFL career—in the team’s third preseason game against the Washington Redskins on Saturday. The hit that likely caused this came when Kolb scrambled to his right for a first down and slid/awkwardly stumbled to the ground. ‘Skins rookie linebacker, Brandon Jenkins, who was chasing after Kolb, attempted to jump over the Bills’ QB when he went down, but Jenkins’ knee clipped the back of his head.

In comparison to some other hits we’ve seen that have resulted in concussions, this one was fairly low-impact…

…but given Kolb’s history with concussions, that tap on the back of the head may have done him in for good (not to mention his 41 turnovers—25 INTs and 16 fumbles—in just 34 career games, his career-78.9 quarterback rating, and the fact that he struggled to win the starting job from a rookie in camp).

Kolb seemed well enough that the team docs allowed him to stay in the game for a few more plays, but according to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, things went downhill fast.

In “proceeding with that in mind,” the Bills went ahead and signed Matt Leinart and traded for Thaddeus Lewis on Sunday, two possible replacements and short term fixes with the start of the regular season just under two weeks away.

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