Responding to Some Serious NATITUDE!

I contemplated whether or not to do this, but given the fact that there’s not much else to fight for over the course of the final 30-some-odd games of this MLB season, I figured, why not?

Just about five months ago, prior to the start of the season, when there was still hope that the Philadelphia Phillies would contend in the NL East and possibly even in the National League (joke was on all of us apparently), I wrote this little dandy about what a Werth-less leader JaYson Werth has been in Washington. It was in response to a Washington Post article in which Nats’ beat writer Adam Kilgore gave massive amounts of fellatio to the bearded bum. Here’s the specific quote I pulled that was at the center of my anger at the time:

One week away from his third opening day in Washington, Werth’s influence has spread through every phase of the Nationals’ operation, from the training room to the front office, from rookies in their first spring training to ownership.

He tells teammates when they need to run their last sprint. He tells security guards when they need an extra body in the bleachers. He tells the general manager when the training room needs new equipment. He can bounce between roles — clubhouse enforcer, protector of teammates, emissary to management.

That’s the kind of love people have been giving the man since he showed up in town. And what had he done for them (up to that point)? Posted career lows in nearly every major batting category, and spent a good portion of the 2012 season on the DL after breaking his wrist attempting to make a sliding catch against the Phillies during “Take Back the Park” weekend.

The whole thing just wreaked with douchebaggery, and I’d had enough. So I vented.

Werth responded this year by having his best season since he was a Phillie. That led to some anonymous Nats lover posting this comment on the article–again, five months after the fact:

“Check your stats now on Mr. Werth-ington. Oh and his telling this and telling that…works and is for the best of the team and fans. So get off your high horse and next time you contribute make it meaningful.”

Aside from calling him Mr. Werth-ington (….) they signed the comment with the pseudonym, “I Am Me.” Cool, bro.

I haven’t been posting to that site since about mid-April, around the time I got this Sports News International gig, and only saw the comment because alerts still come to my inbox. It was so out-of-the-blue that, like I mention above, I didn’t even know if it warranted a response. After a good 10 minute pro-con session in my head, I realized that this asshole was probably suffering from the same early-onset of depression that I was, which results from coming to grips with the fact that your team–despite the high expectations they had coming into the season–isn’t going to be playing baseball well into October. As a Phillies fan, there was always that little sliver of doubt that our team would amount to much of anything, so that fall was comparable to one from like a second-story window; but for this guy–a fan of the team that was favored by more than half of baseball experts to win the goddamn World Series–his fall had to feel like it was from the top of the Washington Monument.

So I responded thusly:

“Hey! First, thanks for stopping by and digging far enough back to find this article five months after the fact! Appreciate your clicks. But please, next time, make sure to check you Natitude at the door.

As for his stats, I guess Werth was bound to have a decent year at some point over the duration of that 7-year bloated contract. Still, though, for being the highest paid player on the team, he only leads the team in one meaningful batting category…. And you’re still 15.5 back in the division and 9.5 back of a wild card spot in a year that was supposed to be dominated by Natitude. Way to crumble under expectations… All in all, clown comment, bro.”

It’s one thing to be bitter. It’s another to be bitter and stupid, and attempting to put down someone who is already right there with you, but is able to face the fact that his team sucks, just makes you look desperate.

Part of me wishes the Nats would make some kind of historic run and get into the playoffs, just so we could all see this face once again, after they fall apart with two outs in the bottom of the 9th, one strike away from moving on to the next round…

werth sad face

It’s been all crickets since then, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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