Awesome Emma Nearly Broke the Ryne Sandberg Hiring Story

This is incredible. Courtesy of ZooWithRoy, Awesome Emma–the seasoned red-carpet interviewer who’s but 10 years old–nearly broke the story of the year involving the Phillies’ managerial change late last week.

Given the chance to interview a good number of Phillies players and celebrities at last Thursday’s Hamels Foundation Diamonds and Denim event (the full list is below), Emma had some one-on-one time with then-third-base-coach-but-soon-to-be-manager Ryne Sandberg. As we know now, Sandberg was informed earlier that day that he would assume the role of manager after Chollie was sent packing on Friday. But when he was asked some hard-hitting questions by Emma about the incredible opportunity he was given, and the path his coaching career was heading, all Ryne could do was smile and offer some carefully-worded responses.

The whole video is worth the watch, but jump to about 3:05 for the awkward Sandberg segment.

Here’s the list of who Emma talked to in order:

  1. Darin Ruf
  2. Cody Asche
  3. Mike Adams
  4. Ryne Sandberg
  5. John Mayberry Jr.
  6. Chase Utley
  7. Vince Papale
  8. Kevin Frandsen
  9. Erik Kratz
  10. Miss Philadelphia (?)
  11. Some dude named Chris from the Bachelor
  12. Jonathan Papelbon
  13. Ben Revere
  14. Some dudette named Sarah from The Bachelor
  15. Cole (and Heidi) Hamels

(ht ZWR)

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