Phillies Bungle Chollie’s Firing, But Did You Really Expect Anything Less?

Tears were shed. Laughs were had. Short answers (by the worst general manager in baseball) were given. Southern drawls were spoken. All in all, though, the press conference for Charlie Manuel’s firing was just another complete failure in a season of complete failures in Philadelphia.

Ruben Amaro Jr. gave me just one more reason to hate him and this team in its current state.

Tell me that Charlie Manuel didn’t deserve more? The man who is easily the most decorated manager in the franchise’s history deserved to go out on his own terms. He deserved to be given the opportunity to talk to his players before being shown the door. He deserved the opportunity to finish out the remainder of this season and his contract. He deserved a better send-off than the quickly thrown together shit show that unfolded just hours before he was to be perched on the home dugout railing.

His 780 wins are the most of any manager in club history; his .551 win percentage is second best out of the mangers to do anything meaningful in the team’s existence; his five playoff appearances are more than any other Phillies manager—and don’t forget, they came on the backs of five consecutive NL East division titles, the most of any Phillies manager. Oh, and there’s that 2008 World Series title he played a pretty integral part in.

Seems the Rube forgot all about those, though, or just didn’t care enough—though his tears tell a different story…

Honestly, though, what good is naming Ryne Sandberg interim manager right now really going to do? The problem that this team (really just RAJ though) doesn’t seem get is that the talent isn’t there as far as the roster is concerned. Amaro even flat out said during the presser that he’s confident that the young players on the roster are good enough for this team to contend again. “There are just a few holes, obviously, that we need to address, and will,” he said.

First of all, he’s full of shit if he really thinks the young players on this team have the talent to bring the Phillies back to where they were in the late ’00s, plain and simple. He’s kidding himself. If he really does believe that then he ought to follow Chollie right out the door. Second, about the holes, “a few” is the understatement of the century. Two thirds of the outfield is worthless—though Revere should be held on to and developed, he’s young, fast, and showed promise before getting hurt; the entire infield hasn’t played a truly healthy game in more than three years easily, and they’re all closer in age to receiving their AARP cards than they are their primes; the front of the rotation is fine, but you need a 3, 4, and 5 (Kendrick is back to his old ways, no way Lanan stays, and Pettibone is just meh…); and we haven’t even touched the bullpen yet. You might be better off putting this roster on a bus, driving it off a cliff, and starting fresh.

So now tell me, Rube, what do you expect to learn from your interim manager over the course of the remaining 40-plus games that will help you figure out if its worth retaining his services in 2014 and beyond? I’ll tell you: Absolutely nothing. You’re scrambling to push the blame for this giant steaming pile of feces elsewhere in an attempt to save your own ass.

Well, I’m done with it. Rube, you, can kiss my ass. I’m tired of watching you run this team into the ground. The next press conference better feature David Montgomery sitting alone in front of the scriptuals with nothing other than your pink slip, because that’s about all you deserve, you jackass.

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