What if the Forbes NFL Team Values List Was Accurate?

Forbes released its annual NFL Team Values list last night, and it’s the same old, same old, same old, same old at the top. Jerry Jones still commands the number one spot on the list with his Dallas Cowboys coming in at $2.3 billion, up $200,000,000 from last year’s valuation. Numbers 2-8 line up exactly how they did in 2012, going like so: New England, Washington, New York (G), Houston, New York (J), Philly, Chicago. The Super Bowl win bumped the Baltimore Ravens up to 9th, and their opponents in that game, San Fran, rounds out the top 10.

Five teams grew their net worth by 10 percent or more including the Cowboys, Pats, Texans, Atlanta (26th overall), and St. Louis (29th overall). You can dive into all of the nitty gritty details in this pretty awesome list right here.

I’ve analyzed this thing in the past, but this year I want to look at it from a different angle by breaking it down into the divisions, ranking them based solely on their total valuation, and seeing how the playoffs would fill out. So I did just that, and the results are pretty intriguing. Have a look:

(#) designates overall value ranking


NFC East
DAL (1)
WASH (3)
NYG (4)
PHI (7)
NFC North
CHI (8)
GB (12)
MINN (21)
DET (28)
NFC West
SF (10)
SEA (15)
ARI (24)
STL (29)
NFC South
TB (17)
CAR (18)
NO (23)
ATL (26)


AFC East
NE (2)
NYJ (6)
MIA (16)
BUF (30)
AFC North
BAL (9)
PIT (14)
CLE (22)
CIN (27)
AFC West
DEN (13)
KC (20)
SD (25)
OAK (32)
AFC South
HOU (5)
IND (11)
TEN (19)
JAX (31)

From there, the division winners and the next two highest-valued teams in each conference represent the playoff teams:

* designates first round byes, x designates Wild Card teams



San Fran
Tampa Bay
x-NY Giants
New England*
x-NY Jets

All things considered, that’s not too terrible and entirely feasible, especially as far as the AFC stacks up. Things would need to be shuffled around with seedings for me to feel comfortable enough to put some money on it–namely with Dallas as number one overall in the NFC. Philly-bias aside, they’d be lucky to even get in this year let alone have the best record in the conference.

They play the game for a reason, though. Despite consistently being the highest-valued team in the league, Dallas hasn’t won a playoff game since 1996. Six of the eight divisions are entirely up for grabs, and God knows how the wild cards will play out. It’ll be interesting to come back and look at this throughout the season to see how it’s holding up.

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