In Defense of Crossing Broad Releasing the Riley Cooper Video

First off, it makes me sick that I even have to type out a headline like the one above. To the point though.

Unless you’ve been under a 10-ton rock or you’re six feet under, you’re probably well aware of the fact that Riley Cooper has caught massive amounts of shit for uttering a racial slur while (hopefully) in a drunken stupor at the Kenny Chesney concert in Philly this past June. Cooper has since apologized, wept on TV, and been excused from Eagles camp to go seek professional help. It’s an extremely unfortunate situation but not unlike several others that have happened in the recent past (Paula Deen is still fresh in plenty of peoples’ minds). He’s an asshole, yes, but he’s taking the proper steps to deal with the consequences of his actions and move forward.

But what’s more unfortunate then Riley’s acts are the comments on, run by Kyle Scott–the man who first posted the video featuring the Eagles WR. CB has its fair share of trolls that complain about the site being too TMZ-y (which makes me wonder why these people keep coming back if all they’re going to do is complain–each comment and click probably gives him ad revenue so the jokes on them), but ever since the initial post on Wednesday, readers of the blog, Philly sports fans of the low-life variety, and the rest of the internet troll army have come out of the wood works to voice their displeasure with the fact that he even posted it in the first place, saying he’s ruined Cooper’s life, he’s hurting the Eagles, or that he should’ve waited until the outcome for this season was all but determined to release the video… Here’s a small sampling from the CrossingBroad Facebook page:

cb fb comments

Yikes… And this is the PG version compared to what’s on the actual site.

Kyle appeared on Fox 29 this morning to talk about how he came into possession of the video and defend his posting it, but a couple of things about all the hate–and just to be clear, if the headline didn’t do enough to get this across, I’m completely in support of the video being released.

Maybe it’s the journalism grad/scriptual in me that makes me feel this way, but when there’s a story to be told, it should be told. When something newsworthy happens, it’s only right that that news be disseminated. Matters involving race have always fallen under the newsworthy category and Kyle did the right thing by posting about it as soon as he was given access to the video. Arguing that he should have held the video because something like this getting out would be detrimental to the team or hurt team chemistry (no matter how true) is far from a valid excuse and, quite frankly, is disturbing. Anyone who felt that a football team should have been placed ahead of this situation should do themselves a favor and check how they have their priorities aligned and reevaluate their outlook on life. Racial issues have dogged this country (and the rest of the world) for centuries. To ignore that fact, and to swipe an incident like this under the carpet would be utterly inexcusable.

To the people that question why this is an issue at all, rather than laugh in your face let me try and help you understand by offering you this little link to what racism and ethnic discrimination has looked like in the United States. Again, to ignore that it exists is irresponsible, and if we are to live in a society that claims to fight for equality for all, then we ought to understand these things. Despite a few laws and amendments, we still don’t have true equality in this country, and as long as slurs like this are tossed around so lightly by those who seem to have a complete disregard for what they mean, we never will.

This never would’ve been a story if Riley Cooper didn’t shout out a racial slur and get caught on camera doing it. To blast Kyle for doing his job as a sports journalist (and yes, when you have a website that garners a great deal of traffic and reports on sports, you are a sports journalist), you might as well be the one shouting the N-word at the top of your lungs.

Let’s close with a fantastic comment from the site that I’ll immediately turn around on the poor asshole:

You’re an ugly motherfucker who just looks and sounds like a weasel. Must be nice to sit behind a computer all day and judge how other people do their profession. Congrats on ruining this guys career, maybe you’ll get that fame you’re looking for if you pay for more videos of celebrities doing embarrasing [sic] things

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Though in this instance, Kyle’s more like one of those clay-colored dutch oven cookers that would completely demolish anything under its weight, and the idiot commenter is probably a racist prick who deserves to rot in hell.

What a disgrace.

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