Chad Qualls’ Embarrassing Tumble

Pretty much nothing has gone right for the Miami Marlins this season. It’s been one big debacle after another, starting with the huge salary dump during the offseason that really turned what few fans they had away. Well, sticking with the that theme, even when something does go right for the Fish, something else will happen that reinforces their status as the laughing stock of the baseball.

Enter Chad Qualls.

After allowing a lead-off triple to Marlin Byrd in the top of the 8th, Qualls was able to escape the inning without allowing a run and maintain a 2-2 tie with the New York Mets. Naturally he was pretty pumped, and after recording a strike out for the final out, he decided to show some emotion with an emphatic fist pump. Problem was, in the act of pumping his fist, the journeyman reliever momentarily forgot how to walk. Hilarity ensued:

Quite the scene he made. Sad thing is, though, Qualls has a history of losing his balance in the middle of the diamond…

chad qualls falls

Poor fella.

(GIF via Larry Brown Sports)

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