Big Changes Coming for the Pro Bowl This Season

ESPN’s Adam Schefter spilled some interesting info unto the interwebs this afternoon regarding the future of (arguably) the least competitive “all-star” game in all of sports. According to Schef, the Pro Bowl will switch from the traditional AFC-NFC rosters to a fantasy-style draft with Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders as your captains–very NHL All-Star-Game-esque. Also, there will no longer be kick offs. Each roster will be made up of 43 players, and the game will be played on January 26th at Pro Bowl Stadium in Honolulu.

Before we know it, they’ll be playing flag football on an open field with no pads and the end zone will be dissected into zones with a variety of scoring values. Oh wait…

I’m a fan of the league trying to do something to spice up the game, but I’m not sure this will cut it. The draft is an interesting idea and probably what I’m most excited about in all of this. It’s not unique in any way, but it’s something. The possibility of seeing Andre Johnson line up on one side of the field and Calvin Johnson on the other, with Adrian Peterson in the backfield and Peyton Manning under center is enough to get the juices flowing a little.

I just wish that there was some legitimate prize at the end of the game or something on the line. Instead, the game itself is still nothing more than grown men skipping around a football field with leis around their neck and Hawaiian luau dancers on their arms.

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