Jason Giambi is So Old That His Walkoff Dinger Was Pretty Historic

Just how old is Jason Giambi? Well 42 years, 203 days today to be exact. But the Cleveland Indians’ designated (pinch) hitter is so old that his 9th inning walkoff home run in the team’s 3-2 win over the Chicago White Sox on Monday was pretty damn historic. Giambi is in his 19th year in the Majors, but it’s been nearly a decade since his last All-Star nod, he has just one season with 10+ home runs since 2009, and he hasn’t had a truly healthy season since 2003—in fact, he’s averaged just under half a season played since ’09. (Not too coincidentally, it was revealed after the 2004 season that Giambi admitted taking steroids during his testimony in front of a federal grand jury in 2003 during the BALCO case, and he has been in a steep decline ever since.)

Either way, he’s quite old, and all of this makes what he did on Monday just that much more awesome. The story via ESPN via Elias,:

Jason Giambi became the oldest player in major-league history to hit a walkoff home run in the Indians’ 3-2 win over the White Sox on Monday. Giambi, 202 days past his 42nd birthday, is 45 days older than Hank Aaron was when he hit his 754th career home run, at Milwaukee County Stadium off the Rangers’ Steve Foucault, which gave the Brewers a 10-inning win.

Giambi has hit a walkoff home run in each of the last four seasons, with a total of five game-enders over that time. The only other player with more than two walkoff homers after turning 39 years old is Barry Bonds, who had four.

A slow-clap would be appropriate right about now.

One response to “Jason Giambi is So Old That His Walkoff Dinger Was Pretty Historic

  1. Judging by his elated state during his interview, I think Giambi appreciates the fact he’s still playing baseball … and contributing too.

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