Johnny Football Kicked Out of UT Fraternity Party

I don’t like getting all caught up in the bad mouthing of Johnny Manziel. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner–and the only Freshman to have that honor laid upon him–has had quite the eventful summer with the media down his throat (not to mention the booze that’s been flowing through there as well), and plenty of criticism for how he’s carried himself since bursting on the scene last season. But let’s face it, he’s just starting his Sophomore year at Texas A&M and is still just a kid. Let him have his fun.

Now, all of that aside, what happened to Johnny Football over the weekend is absolutely amazing. Manziel was in Austin over the weekend and decided to get himself into a fraternity party at the University of Texas. And there’s problem numero uno. When you’re the starting quarterback for the A&M Aggies, the last place you’d really want to find yourself is on the campus of one of your (former) biggest rivals. As soon as the fine brothers of UT’s Zeta Beta Tau chapter realized who had set foot in their house, they so kindly asked that Manziel get the f*** out. Problem number two? Reports are abound that Johnny was seen with Keystone Light in his hand and allegedly packing a bong.

Forget the weed. Keystone Light, Johnny? I took you for a much classier individual than that. What a disgrace…

Someone at the party was smart (and sober) enough to get some video of Manziel being booted from the party. The video itself isn’t bad, but if you’re at the office, I suggest putting some headphones in while you watch this one–the audio is about what you’d expect from a college frat party (and–a fraternity man myself–I don’t throw that “f” word around lightly).

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