Twins Prospect Benched After 29-Second Home Run Trot

There are such things as home-run trot trackers—take for example—and if Minor League home run trots were included, 21-year-old Miguel Sano would be among the top 10 slowest this year after his 29-second leisurely stroll around the bases earlier this week in a game against the Portland Sea Dogs. If taken at 29-flat, the trot, which resulted in his being benched, would have been the 8th slowest this year behind Todd Helton, David Ortiz, David Ortiz, Josh Donaldson, David Ortiz, David Ortiz, and David Ortiz, and right ahead of David Ortiz, and David Ortiz. Oh, and David Ortiz would drop to 11th.

Minnesota Twins Farm Director Brad Steil called the benching just a normal player development move. “We have discipline for all sorts of things that we do. This is one of them,” he told the Pioneer Press. “He’s not going to play for a few games.”

The New Britain Rock Cats third baseman is one of the Twins’ top prospects with 26 home runs in 93 games this season.

(ht TheBigLead)

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