Agnieszka Radwanska Breaks Silence Over ESPN Body Issue Controversy

Tennis star and current world-numero-quatro (that’s four [4] or [IV]) Agnieszka Radwanska opened up on her Facebook page over the weekend, responding to the ridiculous controversy over her participation in the recent ESPN the Magazine “Body Issue,” which, unlike Rolling Stone right now, is on newsstands everywhere.

The 24-year-old Radwanska, who had been involved with a Catholic youth organization in her native Poland, was dropped from the program after she posed nude in The Mag. Youth Crusade called the photos—which barely even show any bottom-breast by the way—immoral behavior (because priests these days know so much about adhering to their moral code…). One Catholic priest suggested that if Radwanska ever “meets a man she can truly love” that, if the man is Catholic, she’d probably have to hide those photos when she meets his relatives.

Radwanska’s response to all of the madness is simply perfect, though.

For those that are not familiar with the magazine, ESPN The Body Issue is a celebration of the beauty of the bodies of the best athletes in the world. It includes both men and women of all ages and all shapes and sizes. Other athletes photographed include San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick, 77-year-old golf legend Gary Player, and Olympic volleyball gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings – during and after her pregnancy. My tennis colleagues Serena Williams, Daniela Hantuchova and Vera Zvonareva have all participated in the past.

The pictures are certainly not meant to cause offense and to brand them as immoral clearly does not take into account the context of the magazine. Moreover, they do not contain any explicit imagery whatsoever. I train extremely hard to keep my body in shape and that’s what the article and the magazine is all about. If you read the interview, it only discusses my job as an athlete and what I have to do physically to be able to participate at the highest level of sport.

It has been suggested by some members of the press (among others) that I was paid for the photo shoot. This is absolutely not the case. Neither I nor any of the other athletes were paid. I agreed to participate to help encourage young people, and especially girls, to exercise, stay in shape and be healthy.

Not once does she explicitly apologize for posing in non-explicitly nude photos and voraciously defends her actions.

Instead of lashing out against Radwanska, Polacks should be proud of the fact that ESPN was actually able to find someone fit and athletically successful enough to feature in their pages.

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