Matt Harvey Asks Dumb New York Mets Fans What They Think of Matt Harvey

I’m warming up to the idea of Jimmy Fallon being the main man on NBC late night. The waters about lukewarm right now, but it’s slowly climbing towards boiling. This skit helped bump things up a few degrees. Not only is it actually pretty funny, but it also exploits the stupidity of your average New York Mets fan, and that’s awesome.

The 24-year-old Matt Harvey, who found out via the Twitters on Monday that he would get the nod to start in the MLB All-Star Game for the National League in the comfy confines of his home stadium, was sent deep into the concrete jungle by Fallon to ask Mets fans what they think about their young ace. Not-a-one realized that they were being interviewed by the man himself. The reactions once they realize who exactly they’re standing next to are priceless.

The Mets!

The NL battles the AL tonight at 7:30 on FOX.

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