Why Do Athletes Suck at Social Media?

Everyone and their mother’s mother’s mother had opinions to offer on the George Zimmerman trial verdict that was handed down by the 6-woman jury last night. Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media outlet and news network were blowing up with comments, each more ridiculous than the last. I wasn’t part of the majority that stayed up until the wee-morning hours spewing venomous hate onto the interwebs, but I did, however, thoroughly enjoy staying up to watch others—namely those in the sports world–do just that.

There were quite a few individuals who made some outlandish comments about things they’d like to see happen to George Zimmerman, the defense team, and other individuals involved in the criminal justice system. One individual, though, went well beyond the line and showed why it’d be better for professional athletes to put their phones down, or at least have someone else read their tweets before they decide to hit send.

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White decided to lash out on the six women who were tasked with culling through the evidence presented in the case and deciding whether they could, without reasonable doubt, convict George Zimmerman or second degree murder. For finding him not guilty, White felt the jurors should cease to exist.


After receiving some harsh criticism for his remarks, he would apologize…

…but in all reality, what difference is his saying sorry going to make? He already let the world know exactly how he feels. Quite the open-palm-to-forehead moment.

Note to all athletes out there, past, present, and future: Think two, three, or four times over before you decide to publish something on the open internet. I’d rather not have to write posts like this, calling someone out for being a complete moron. It’s not that you shouldn’t say anything, that’s what makes America the greatest place in the world to live. But if you want to offer an opinion on something, please take every precaution so you don’t sound like some ignorant asshole.

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