This. Just. Happened. KTVU Commits Horrendous Reporting Error.

Ohhh. Emmm. Geeee. This is absolutely one of the most ridiculous things you’re sure to ever witness. It’s part hilarious, part horrible, part sphincter clinching, and part ROTFLMFAO.

KTVU Channel 2 in Oakland, California decided it had some credible information that reavealed the names of the four pilots that were on Asiana Flight 214, which crashed last weekend in San Francisco, and they even claimed that they verified the names with the National Transportation Safety Board. Well, whoever uncovered the names, and whoever called the NTSB, and whoever at the NTSB verified these names, and whoever let these names make it into the teleprompter, and whoever put these names on a full-screen graphic, and whoever works at KTVU, and whoever works at the NTSB, they all got played. Bad.

See for yourself.

If you don’t understand at first, just click replay, listen closely, read the names, and let it sink in. I’ll wait here.

Get it now? See why it’s so amazing yet so terrible?

Whoever pulled this stunt off deserves to be immediately inducted into the Comedy Hall of Fame (one exists).

The poor anchorwoman caught up in all of this apologized later in the telecast.

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