Phillies Fan OK After Home Run Shot to Face

Sure, our team’s record, really just the team in general, isn’t looking so hot this year. But guess what? Our fans’ faces will always be tougher than your fans’ faces, and the Associated Press has the story to prove it. In a game against the Washington Nationals on Wednesday night, Nats’ second baseman Anthony Rendon hit a screaming line drive home run that landed in the first row in left. It didn’t just land in the first row, though. As if to rub salt in an open wound, Rendon’s liner smacked a Phillie fan right in the face. I mean like RIGHT IN THE FACE. No tipped ball here, no ricochet off of someone else’s hands. Just a baseball screaming through muggy nighttime air right into this mans noggin. His condition? A-OK.

The full shindig:

A stadium supervisor says the Phillies fan struck in the face by Anthony Rendon’s line-drive homer during Washington’s 5-1 win over Philadelphia on Wednesday night didn’t require medical attention and wasn’t injured.

Rendon led off the fifth inning with a shot to left off Cliff Lee. A man standing in the front row tried to make a barehanded catch, but missed and the ball hit the left side of his face.

Though it looked painful onvideo replays, the man told ushers he was fine and remained in his seat.

Fans standing in the front row trying to catch homers during batting practice before Thursday night’s game were unfazed by the incident a night earlier, and many didn’t even bring gloves.

Faces of steel in Philadelphia.

Click the image below for the video.

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