Your 2014 FIFA World Cup Hosts, Ladies and Gents

I remember a time when I thought it’d be amazing to travel to Brazil when the World Cup was in town for their quadrennial celebration of the world’s most popular sport. Yeah, well, eff that.

According to the Associated Press, Police in the northern Brazilian state of Maranhao are searching for two men suspected of slaying and beheading of an amateur soccer referee who stabbed a player to death during a match. So, basically, we’ve got people killing referees who kill players. Meanwhile the country continues to see riots daily over the outlandish spending by the government in preparation for the WC and the 2016 Rio Games.

Just dandy.

More of the gruesome details:

Officer Valter Costa said Monday that one suspect has been taken into custody in connection with the June 30 slaying of 20-year-old referee Otavio Jordao da Silva in the town of Centro do Meio.

Silva expelled player Josenir Abreu from a game. That led to a confrontation in which Silva pulled a knife and fatally stabbed Abreu.

Police have said Abreu’s friends and relatives then rushed onto the field, stoned the referee to death, quartered his body and beheaded him.

Olay, olay, olay, olay.

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