Let’s Make Fun of Those Defending Aaron Hernandez’s Character

In the wake of his arrest in connection with the murder investigation of Odin Lloyd, plenty of friends, family, former coaches and teammates, and a few oogly-eyed Twitter users have come to the defense of former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. I know that they’ll never completely stop defending him until the day he’s sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole (especially when it comes to his family), but I think they’d do themselves some good by toning it down a little and maybe even start putting some distance between themselves and the alleged murder.

Phrases like “fun-loving” and “innocent” have been thrown around as reports keep surfacing about Hernandez’s past and possible connections to other unsolved murders and shady behavior.

A former Bristol Central High School football teammate told the Hollywood Gossip that the man being portrayed in the media and courtroom is a far cry from the Hernandez he knew growing up.

“You could maybe say he was immature, but he wasn’t a gang-banger,” Andrew Ragali (actually) said. “I think when he went to college things might have changed, hanging around with the wrong people, but in high school, he wasn’t like that at all.”

This week, Hernandez’s former college coach Urban Meyer broke his silence surrounding his former player’s current situation. The current Ohio State University coach spoke on how Hernandez was treated no different than any other athlete when it came to drug tests; but when asked about an unsolved 2007 shooting in Gainesville, Florida, Meyer acknowledged that several players were questioned, but said relating or blaming Hernandez’s current troubles to the University of Florida is “wrong and irresponsible.”

According to ProFootballTalk, an eyewitness to the 2007 incident initially said former Florida safety Reggie Nelson was present, and they gave a general description of the shooter that appeared to match Hernandez. Then there’s the fact that, when police tried to questions Hernandez (who was 17 years old at the time) he invoked his right to counsel. Forget his picture-perfect past; if a 17-year-old is asking to invoke his right to legal counsel, all sorts of red flags should be going off not only for the police investigating the manner, but for that kid’s coaching staff, family, and friends as well. And you’re telling me no one thought it’d be a good idea to look a little deeper into this and see what Hernandez’s connecting may have been? It’s no wonder the kid thinks he can (continually?) quite literally get away with murder.

But then there’s this. According to the New York Post, there’s a whole new class of disgusting being bred out in Twitterspehere. A whole host of women have taken to the social media site in defense of the alleged murderer saying it’s impossible for him to be guilty based solely on the “fact that he is sooooooo hotttt” (emphasis most certainly not added).

Some quotes from the article include: “Pretty pissed arron hernandez is a murderer . . . Hot az hell, that’s what I’m sayin!!!!” … “Another good looking dude gone to waste.” … and “Aaron Hernandez is fine . . . I’ll bail you out boo boo.” And, in case you needed any more evidence of how pathetic this is getting, here’s some more:

(Um, I think the correct answer here is ‘yes.’ But what do I know?)


(Yea, except for that little, rather insignificant thing where he allegedly took a man’s life in cold blood… Other than that, phew, what a hottie.)

(Preach, girl.)

(Seriously though. Love this user’s name…)

(Your future’s bright.)

(Yes. Yes it is weird, and maybe you should go find yourself a good psychologist.)

(I’m sure Odin Llyod’s family feels exactly the same way you do.)


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