Best (and Worst) Commercials Featuring a Sports Figure

Chemistry. Skill. Technique. Strength. Poise.

These are all imperative skills for professional athletes as they perform at increasingly high levels in their respective sports. But as they grow older, those same skills come into play when they run out of money and seek alternative incomes… As commercial stars.

Some athletes are great, they know how to put on a good performance and be entertaining, funny even (see Shaq). For some, their presence is enough (see MJ). For others, not so much.

Here are two prime examples that are complete polar opposites of one another. One featuring Dikembe Mutombo—I don’t think there’s any commercial, in the history of commercials, that tops the big man’s performance here; incredibly hilarious, puts me on the floor every time. The other, Brian Orakpo—and Gilbert Gottfried (?!?)—which features terrible, god-awful lip-syncing and some incredibly weird dance “moves.”




If you can think of any others, be sure to leave ’em in the comments.

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