This Was, By Far, The Coolest Moment of the 2013 NBA Draft

I let it happen. After all the trash I talked on the NBA and the Miami Heat, I let myself get sucked into watching the 2013 NBA Draft last night. And now I’m hooked. While I think a big part of the reason why I enjoyed those 4 and a half hours alone on the couch had to do with my supreme love for college basketball, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was by far the most entertaining draft I’ve ever witnessed. The NBA does it right when it comes to showcasing the fresh meat being picked off of the platter by its member teams on top of the craziness that is all of the draft-day deals being concocted behind the scenes, and last night was just another incredible example of that.

One of the most incredible moments, though, came when it was time for the last pick of the first round to be announced—David Stern’s 839th and final draft pick announcement as commissioner of the NBA. How everything went down was absolutely perfect, from the standing ovation to the immediate boos when his successor was introduced to the special appearance by Hakim Olajuwon to The Dream wearing an iteration of the same tux he wore when he was the first pick of the 1984 Draft—Stern’s first as commissioner. Here’s a clip for those who missed it, or those who want to relive the moment:

Picture perfect. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Before Stern walked out from behind the curtain to make the pick, a pretty cool highlight reel of his 30 years working the draft was shown.

What’d you think of the draft?

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