The Ravens’ Social Media Manager Needs a Good Slap in the Face

Whoever runs the social media accounts for the Baltimore Ravens needs to get off of whatever drugs their on and take a good slap in the face, or—if in fact they are 100 percent sober and drug free—maybe they need to start looking for a different career field. For the second time in just over a year the team posted a foot-in-mouth comment onto the interwebs.

Last April, the Ravens were forced to issue an apology to their neighbors who play just across the street for taking a totally unprovoked and unwarranted shot at their neighbors who play right across the street in Camden Yards with this Facebook post: “Raise your hand if you’d rather be cheering in THIS stadium than a baseball stadium today!”

Fast forward to yesterday, when the team published this tweet:

It’s unclear whether that photo of the Miami parade was taken before or after the entire team was nearly decapitated, but that’s besides the point. Now, granted I’ve made it known that I’m not much of a Heat fan (or NBA fan) and find this exceptionally hilarious given the track record of the “fans” in South Beach, this attempt at putting another team down falls completely flat on its face. The image itself is great and seems to  fit the profile of Heat fans, but even the slightest bit of fact checking (and common sense) would let you know a few things:

  1. This Miami photo was taken near the start of the parade where fans were always going to be few and far between (the parade ended at American Airlines Arena, well up Biscayne Blvd.).
  2. Of course a photo from a parade route put up against a photo of a packed stadium is going to look a bit unbalanced. The photo on the bottom is fair game, but even that was taken only a few blocks from M&T Bank Stadium.
  3. Over 400,000 attended the parade in Miami. That’s double the amount who packed the streets of Baltimore after their Super Bowl victory.

The two Heat fans who caught wind of the jab thrown by the Ravens provided some photographic evidence of their own:

If you’re going to put other teams down for the sake of putting them down, then at least make sure the facts support your claim. Otherwise you make yourself (and the organization you represent) out to be the biggest, most ignorant douchenoggin out there. No apology has been issued in this incident as of yet, and I’m sure we won’t be seeing one.

Maybe there’s an explanation for all of this though. Maybe the Ravens are still bitter towards the city of Miami for helping them avoid a woeful 0-16 season in 2007. Still doesn’t make that tweet any less ignorant, however.

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