Hundreds of Heat Fans Miss Out on OT Thriller

I started writing this post, trying to be all analyst-y, thinking I’d dive into the horrible missed calls and called calls at the end of this game, but then I realized that I don’t really like the NBA and would rather save my words.

So here’s what I will say: There’s going to be a game 7. NBA officials are probably still corrupt. Manu Ginobili did travel but was stripped of the ball, his manhood, and any shred of dignity he had left by Ray Allen. And Miami Heat “fans” still are the worst in professional sports.

Evidence of that last point: Hundreds of them filed out of American Airlines Arena with 28 seconds left in the 4th quarter and their team down by two possessions.

See them filing out behind Ginobili:

heat fans suck

Then there’s this photo, courtesy of Bomani Jones’s Instagram account, with a perfect caption, “i’m going to the tunnel. they’re going home. 2 pt game!”:


And then there’s Dan Lebotard, tweeting as “fans” file out:

Best part is, when they realized the game was going to OT, they weren’t allowed back in to see the action. Serves them right. Video evidence of a failed re-entry attempt, courtesy of Bob’s Blitz:

Anyone that’s not willing to sit through the entirety of Game 7 tomorrow night–win or lose–ought to be smacked in the face as they walk out of the stadium early. I’d be willing to pay my way to Miami right now, just so I can stand by any entrance and do just that.

Never, ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, should you leave a game early–nevermind the fact that this is the NBA Finals…


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