This Is Why Everyone Hates the Pens

I sat on this story for a day so as to not be like the Pens and try to soil coverage of the Stanley Cup Finals. But the fact that this is a story at all just proves why they’re easily one of the most despised teams in the NHL (and just because I’m a fan of the team from the other side of the state doesn’t make that statement any less true). The Pittsburgh Penguins organization is filled with a bunch of crybabies.

The top-seeded Pens were swept out of the playoffs by Boston in a series that saw one of the league’s most prolific offenses get shut out twice and outscored 12-2 in the four games. But they aren’t going to just sit there and let anyone think that the Bruins defense or stellar play from Tuukka Rask was the reason they got embarrassed in the Eastern Conference Finals. No. Never.

The “story”: According to the Toronto Sun, the Penguins provided video to TSN (Canada’s ESPN) that shows Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara punching Pens captain Sidney Crosby right in Sid’s reconstructed jaw during the waning seconds of the second period of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

So what? Big flippin’ deal. This is hockey. People take pucks to the face, suffer various injuries, and still go out there day in and day out and get involved in scrums in front of the net and the occasional fight. So, one of the most self-entitled individuals on one of the most self-entitled teams in the league took a jab to that pretty little baby-face of his. What point are they seriously trying to make here? Did that gentle shove to his face cause the Pens to fold it in for the rest of the series? Did everyone on the bench get so thrown off of their game that they couldn’t collect themselves over the next 9 periods of play?

I just don’t get what point is trying to be made here. What sort of justice are they looking for in all of this? The “punch” wasn’t shown on the live broadcast of the game, so maybe the Pens think someone was out to get them and keep them from claiming what was rightfully theirs.

Here’s the footage that was provided by the Pens, along with the actual telecast on NBC.

“What actually happened”

NBC’s telecast

This, to me, is the most ridiculous attempt by a sports team to create some sort of unnecessary controversy, not to mention that at this point (nearly a week and a half later) it’s pretty well after the fact. It’s time the Pens just move on from all of this. They lost, it’s over. They ought to just go home like the rest of us and try to enjoy watching these Stanley Cup Finals. Trying to ruin it for the fans of Boston or Chicago by creating this side commotion just shows a lack of class.

One response to “This Is Why Everyone Hates the Pens

  1. I think the Pens may have competition for the title of most hated, including from the Bruins, though they are undisputedly and very disappointedly the most childish team.

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