Thank God Bill Simmons Hates Being On TV as Much as I Hate Bill Simmons Being On TV

Phew. What a relief it was to see Bill Simmons rip apart SportsCenter for editing out a “joke” of his last night, and then read his interview with Sports Illustrated where he talked about how the past eight months of his life, where he was the anchor holding the set of NBA Countdown back, have been absolute hell. (Oh, and the added jab at one of my least favorite human beings to walk the face of the earth, let alone one of the worst personalities to grace any ESPN set, was just the icing on top of all of this.)

Thank God.

As much as I love to read the words that Simmons releases onto the interwebs, through Grantland or some other means, I absolutely loathe watching the man try and have a serious, intelligent NBA conversation with the likes of Jalen Rose, Magic Johnson, and Michael Wilbon. What in the hell has he done in the NBA to deserve a seat on that set? Being the ultimate Boston Celtics fan doesn’t make him all-knowing when it comes to the intricacies of the game. It just means he can throw some super geeky stats out there in an effort to sound smart, but that’s about it.

Anyway, about what he done did to his colleagues.

Apparently, Simmons wasn’t happy with having some high-IQ joke being cut out of a segment that he did.

For those that need the explanation, the “going to Germany” bit is in reference to Kobe Bryant’s trip to Deutschland in April 2012 to receive some groundbreaking treatment on his left knee, which did nothing to save his Achilles this year. He (Simmons) sounds awfully whiny here, but the rip at Stephen A. Smith (SAS) completely saves the day. Well done, sir.

To follow it up, BS dug a bit deeper into the wound he opened by offering this bit of tid.

Something tells me another Twitter suspension is going to be coming down the pike for this one. It’s absolutely incredible how much shit this guy has gotten away with, yet he continues to be employed by the worldwide leader in sports. It’s pathetic. Who owns who here?

As if the Twitter bursts weren’t enough, Simmons was critical of ESPN’s attempt to compete with TNT’s Inside the NBANBA Countdown has been struggling in the ratings department (possibly because the whole no-host format has run its course, or maybe due to the fact that they brought on Simmons, a guy who has basically zero onscreen experience), and Grantland’s editor-in-chief has his opinions on why, which he shared with SI‘s Richard Deitsch.

“I’d like to see us take more chances,” Simmons said. “I never wanted to do a traditional studio show and I never wanted us to feel like every other ESPN studio show. I should also mention that I’ve poked fun of the faults of studio shows more than just about anybody, so it’s funny to be on the other side. Maybe that’s impossible and maybe I am naïve, but I expected us to push the envelope a lot more. And I hope we will down the road.

“I also think ESPN can help us more by giving us a better chance to succeed. For instance, they sent us to the Western Conference finals, which was awesome, but we ended up doing four minutes of postgame after every game, and that’s because SportsCenter took precedent over us. That was a little sobering. TNT’s biggest advantage against us other than Barkley is the massive chunk of time those guys are given. They love that show and they want it to succeed more than anything else they do. You saw what happened to Barkley in March Madness when CBS stuck him on a five-man panel and didn’t give them enough time. Suddenly he wasn’t Barkley anymore. I don’t think people realize how important time is with studio shows. Especially when you have four people.”

As soon as he gets back from whatever length suspension he’s given—be it from Twitter, TV, radio—this dude should just stick to writing 10,000 word articles.

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