Phil Esposito Ain’t Got Time For the Stanley Cup Finals

Holy bitter.

When asked which of his former teams he’d more likely be pulling for during the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals, Phil Esposito—the same Phil Esposito who’s ranked 5th for career goals behind names like Gretzky, Hull, Howe, and Dionne—had this to say to the Toronto Sun:

“You want to know the truth,” said Esposito. “This series doesn’t mean s*** to me.

“I have no feeling for these teams. There’s nothing emotional about it. They both got rid of me, traded me. So screw them.

“I didn’t choose to leave Chicago. I didn’t choose to leave Boston. I signed a contract in Boston for less money than I could have gotten from going to the WHA. I could have made millions doing that. And you know how they repaid me? Three weeks later, they traded me (to the New York Rangers).”

Sounds a lot like another whiney asshole that I know, who made it his personal life goal to see that fans of his former team never get to enjoy the thrill of a championship victory.

werth beard

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