Chad Johnson Is Such a Douche

For someone that was arguably (as in he really wasn’t, but if you wanted to waste your time actually trying you could probably make a really weak case) one of the top 5 wideouts in the NFL at one point in time, Chad Ochocinco Johnson has really fallen from whatever level of glory he once existed at. The sad thing is, he knows it but can’t seem to stop the downward spiral. Every time he opens his mouth or tweets some sort of nonsense, he only makes it worse.

Take yesterday morning for instance. Johnson was making an appearance in a Florida courtroom to accept a plea deal for violating the terms of his probation, which stemmed from a domestic violence charge (’cause he headbutted his now-ex-wife), but enraged the judge after playfully slapping his lawyer’s ass and causing the entire courtroom to burst into laughter—well except for the judge.

Hey, TMZ. Take it away (because you can’t make this shit up):

Johnson was in court in Broward County, FL to face the judge for his recent probation violation in his domestic violence case.

During the hearing, the judge and Chad’s lawyer were about to finalize the terms of Chad’s punishment — terms that were pretty favorable to Chad.

But the whole thing fell apart at the last minute, when the judge asked Chad if he was satisfied with his attorney — and the ex-NFL star reached back and playfully slapped his lawyer’s ass.

Chad smiled … the court erupted with laughter …. but the judge wasn’t amused.

In fact, the judge found the move disrespectful — and lashed out at Johnson … asking him if the whole proceeding was a “joke” to him.

Johnson replied, “I had no intent to make this a joke, because my life is in shambles right now.”

The judge — who lost her patience — suddenly announced that Chad’s deal was OFF … and kicked him out of the courtroom.

The arrangement that was set up would have helped Johnson avoid jail time by having him do community service and attend therapy sessions. Instead, the judge ordered be be arrested. He’s now set to begin a 30-day sentence (p.s., the same amount of time Donte Stallworth served for killing a man), his probation has been extended to December 31, 2013, and he’s still gotta do that community service (25 hours worth) and attend therapy.

What a douchebag.

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